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Hey guys! It's been a while ago! Urg, sorry for not being much online these days, I hope you don't feel abandoned by my c; School ( you probably know the feeling) is really keeping my busy and I kinda try to focus on it. I wasn't really able to draw much digitally, ( my art teacher hates technology XD) and beside school... Yeah, things don't really come the way I want them to come. In fact my laptop broke a little and is now in the shadowrealm ( YES, I'm still denying his actual death) I could have seen it coming... yeah. My geek-friend made already about a year or so, fun of meh, cause I had windows vista on my laptop. :iconnotamusedplz: I never got why almost everybody disliked vista and made those silly joke about the program.  WELL, noW I GEt IT :iconangerplz: 
But, I still have my tablet and finally downloaded photoshop.  So I hope to upload soon some new stuff. Hope. I'm almost having test-week, the one thing I love the most..*uch,uch, NOT*

Bye bye! 

Ah, wait a little! Before I forget!  Do you have a second? Yes? Yeah, of course you have! Please take a look at the awesome Bakura that :icondjpunupipi: dedicated to my!!!!!


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"Toen ik zes jaar oud was, wilde ik kokkin worden. Toen ik zeven jaar oud was, wilde ik een Napoleon worden. Sindsdien is mijn ambitie in hetzelfde tempo blijven groeien."
Salvador Dalí

How to use Loki dialogue in everyday life:

Dad:Have you seen my phone?

Me:I sent it off, I know not where.

Sister:Will you wash the dishes?

Me:No. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to destroy Jotunheim.

Friend:You're so crazy.

Me:Is it madness? IS IT?

Friend:I would tell you this secret, but I promised not to--


Sister:Is Dad awake yet?

Me:Father has fallen into the Odin sleep. Mother fears he may never awaken again.

Sister:Hey, remember that time when we were kids and--

Me:I remember a shadow. Living in the shade of your greatness.

Mom: Stop changing channels--

Me:It's too late to stop it. The Bifrost will build until Jotunheim is ripped apart.

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ScorpianAkio Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday! :iconcakeplz:
Ahhhw! Thank you so so much! :iconloveloveplz: 
Ria-Pia Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist
:heart: !!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :heart:
I hope that the last year had been successful for you and that the coming will be even greater! You deserve all the love in the world not only because you are an amazing artist but also because you are a lovely person! :huggle: I am happy that I am your friend <3
THank you sooooooo muchhh!!! You know, that's just to sweet of you! 
I'm really lucky to have you as such a great, awesome loving friend! Despite I haven't been much online you send my all those nice wishes. I m so thankfull :iconhappyhappyplz: and had a lovely day btw cx 
You made my very happy with your message, keep being superspecialawesome my dear! 
Ria-Pia Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist
Nice to hear that you had a great day c:
You too :D
Djpunupipi Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD! Okay I"m done with the weird part of that message, pfft!

So hey hey hey! 18 years old! That reminds me of our conversation last year when I got my 18. Remember? You'll be able to "see" a whole new world now.....And lots of interesting stuffs....XDDDD

SO CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you'll have a very nice day!
Also I miss you my Meow, and I hope we'll be able to chat on skype during class again!XD
(You really are the best you know that? ()^.^))XD Yesssss I'm! Is't that scary? In no time I will be like 50 or so.... :iconwhutplz: :iconwhutplz:

Hahahah totally! (I knew you was going to mention that >:D) Yeah I quess I said something like 'Now you can unlock a new secret world' Hehehe, yeah candy everywhere for our little adult eyes! XDXD *Ugch, ugch ‘THE comic’ ugch ugch* (for if you didn’t got that last joke, heheh ofcourse you got it but in our adult conversation I just had to mention IT once :iconpedosmileplz: )
Sweety, Thank you so much, I really love you a lot<3
Djpunupipi Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
(Yes I've heard that once, XDDDD)
Pfffffffft, please don't start with that, becuse that would mean that I'd be 51 as well, so no thanks I'm not in a hurry to get old! XD!

Hehehehhe, memoriiiies! XDDDDDD Candy eyes, that's the right expression! XD And how not to mention THET comic! (and the new one that I sent you, pffffffffft)

You're so very welcome my sweet dear! Let's be friends until we lose all of our teeth and hair! XD
Ria-Pia Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist
RANDOM GLOMP :huggle: :heart:
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